Canaan Homes LLC

Class A General Contractor: Virginia# 2705 099173A
Maryland HomeBuilder#: 4556
Master HVAC: 2710 047238
Master Plumber: 2710 047238
Virginia#: 0401 012898 
Washington DC#: ARC 100765
Maryland# 14115 
* Licenses for other states can be obtained when apply

A Message from CEO

Canaan Homes is a design and build company specialized in new home design and construction in Virginia and Maryland. Founded in 2001, Canaan Homes has established an exemplary reputation based on a strong commitment to superior customer service, innovative design, and quality construction. Discover magnificent new home construction with elegant, innovative single family homes in the Greater Washington DC area. These new homes are built with unparalleled quality that your family can enjoy for generations. Our homes are designed to give a sense of style and distinction that is timeless, yet provide the most current technological enhancements for everyday convenience. Our commitment to excellence, high standards of integrity and your satisfaction reaches far beyond today.